Distinguish yourself, share your BBadge on your Socials, and get Blockchain Innovation in your hands. I'm VEGAN is a No-Profit project of EdVerso International, oriented to offer to every VEGAN people the possibility to get their unique Blockchain bbadge, for FREE.

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You can have it simply by clicking on it and filling the form with your name, surname, and email. Once we’ll receive your request the BBadgs will be issued in 24/48 hours. NO CHARGES.

We believe in creating a great big ecosystem of Vegan people all over the world.

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Requesting your BBadge you accept that your data will be managed by EdVerso.  LutinX is the Blockchain platform we use to issue your BBadges. Fill free to read our privacy policy here.

❓ But, who we are

I’m Vegan is a Project developed by EdVerso International. 

We are a Not-for-Profit organization based in Switzerland that promotes citizens’ rights and development through technology. We want to give everyone access to Innovation opportunities to everyone, letting them know about Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and every new advanced application on the market. Everything for free.

Of course, we provide our activities with the support of our partners and Volunteers. If you want to know more about how to support us, you can go here. Thank you so much!

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